Hyper Telugu Movie Songs | Naalo Nenena Video Song Trailer | Ram Pothineni | Raashi Khanna | Ghibran

21 सप्टेंबर, 2016
299 196 वेळा पाहिला

Hyper Latest Telugu Movie Video Songs. Naalo Nenena Video Song Trailer. #Hyper 2016 movie ft. Ram Pothineni, Raashi Khanna. Music by Ghibran and directed by Santhosh Srinivas. Produced by Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta and Anil Sunkara on 14 Reels Entertainment banner.
Movie : Hyper
Cast : Ram Pothineni, Rashi Khanna
Direction : Santhosh Srinivas
Producer : Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta and Anil Sunkara
Music : Ghibran
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  • I love this movie so much.....pranjal thakkar from gujrat....i love you and all your movies .....

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  • i love your all south song.... 😉😉

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  • Nice song 😍can u plzz tell ur nick name if u have

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